Top tips to take great pictures

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Photography requires more than just talent; you need a little knowledge, skill and experience in the field to take good quality pictures. Luckily, there are several things you can do to improve your picture taking skills in a short time. The key to taking pictures is to practice and never give up no matter the quality of the pictures you take.

Here are a few tips that will help you capture better pictures.

Look at the model in the eye

Eye contact has proven to be very engaging in the picture as it would in real life.  When you are taking pictures of people, try holding the camera at their eye level. This will help you capture the image of their powerful gazes and beautiful smiles.

Eye level photography is quiet mesmerizing and perfect for people with unique and beautiful facial feature. As a photographer, your main focus should be to capture attention of the audience through the beauty of the model. If you are photographing a kid, make sure you stoop to their level for the perfect levelled picture.  The model does not need to stare at the lenses for the perfect picture.

Try plain backgrounds

Plain backgrounds help place the focus/attention of the viewer on the model. The fastest way to get the perfect background is by looking at the surrounding area through your view finder before you start taking the pictures. Make sure there are no distracting objects at any moment during the photography session.

Use your flash outdoors

The bright sun has a way of creating deep and unattractive facial shadows that could ruin all your pictures. Using your flash can lighten pictures in a good way and get rid of all the shadows. Turning on the flash can do you good on a sunny day. you can use full flash or fill flash mode depending on how much light you need to cast away the shadows.

Move in closer

This is perfect for photographers taking pictures of smaller models. It could be a kid, or just a super small model. Taking a step or two and zooming in can actually be the difference between a good and bad picture. Up-close images can reveal beautiful features like freckles and dimples.  Keep in mind that if you get too close to the model, you might actually end up with blurry images. So, it is better to do this in moderation to ensure they come out clear.

Lock in the focus while taking pictures

Its obvious that the model needs to be the centre of attention. To achieve this, you will need to find and lock in the focus on the model for a sharper image. Auto focus camera come sometimes go wrong because they will focus on the things that are centre to the image. If you are not looking to take blurry images, its best that you check on the focus before taking any photos.

You can now use these skills to improve your photography and take way better pictures within a short time. Remember, there are no restrictions when it comes to the methods you use while taking pictures; which mean you do what you have to come up with pictures that represent you and your art.