Photography Tips for the Best Canvas Prints

Photographic canvas prints have been in existence for over 20years and were used by photographers back in the day to showcase their photography work. Because of the above transferring photos to canvas became popular as the photos would last for an estimated 76years before starting to fade.

Photographic canvas doesn’t fall far off from the paint canvas prints, apart from the medium used; you will, therefore, find that canvas has a way of bringing to life the photographic prints and the texture makes it even better when you feel the photo with your hands.

Tips on choosing the best photos for you canvas

For you to successfully print on canvas there are two important things that you need, the first one being the right printing software for the best ultimate look, and high-quality images. Now when we talk about printing software, this is what you should be on the lookout for, a software application that can walk you through whichever process that you want to engage, for example, you might want to make a collage.

The software should also contain templates to allow you to come with various designs, and when it comes to the quality of the images, then the higher the resolution the better it will be for your print images. A good photo to print on canvas should, therefore, be at least 250kB, and as a rule of thumb the larger the photo, the better it will be for printing on canvas.

Ideas on phone camera photos

Technology has enabled phones to be equipped with high-resolution cameras and many people have thus forgone the camera and are using their phones to take high-quality photos. So if you are one of these people then you might want to edit the photos to fit on canvas or better yet make a collage out of them.

And remember when using photos from your phone to come up with a canvas print, you are not restricted and you can, therefore, source them from Facebook or WhatsApp, and you can learn from the various applications how to tweak them to fit in the canvas sheet.

Tips on taking photos for the canvas

While you can source your canvas printable photos from anywhere, not every picture should be up on your wall. In essence, therefore, is to ensure that the images that you settle on exude beauty and are of sentimental value. The above applies mostly to the DIY kind of canvas prints, so ensure that whatever piece you want to go up your wall will not bore you with time.

Quality of the finished results

You can absolutely print any image on canvas; however, not all of them will end up looking good, the above is, therefore, dependent on the type of camera that you used to take the photo and how you saved the image. So if you want to print a photo that had been saved online, it might interest you to know that website photos are normally compressed thus they are only good for viewing but not good for canvas printing.

Now if you are the type of person that loves to add spice to photos by editing before printing then you will first have to shoot to a raw file format, then use an editing software to edit the images, then proceed to compress the images to JPEG and you will end up with the best image for printing on canvas. So in the case that you shoot your photos straight to JPEG, you will not be able to edit but they are just as good for printing.