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I discovered early on that photography was my talent when I got my first smartphone at 14. I would use the low-quality camera to take exceptional pictures. I have spent majority of my life since then pursuing photography and other forms of design.

evasionphotos.com is one of the best and most comprehensive guides on everything you need to know about photography. It was created to help you understand a little more about photography. Here, you will learn about skill development, the latest digital tech in photography, and other top tips for beginners.

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Our main goal is to inspire some people to pursue their love for the art and help others develop/grow their photography talent into a useful skill. Our aim is to make it easier for both beginners and gurus in photography to understand the art so they can perform at their very best.


evasionphotos.com comprises of the best artists in the field of photography from different parts of the world. We come together to ensure the reader gets plenty of information and different points of views on photography.  It also comprises of a team of travellers, researchers, editors and writers. They work tirelessly to ensure all videos, articles designs, and images you see on evasionphotos.comwork in a synchronised manner to give you accessible presentations of the answers you seek on photography.

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We value the trust and loyalty of our readers which is why you can count on us to provide you with our honest, non-biased opinions on photography. You can depend on us to provide you with field tested advice and information with care and guide/inspire you to become more self-reliant and hands on when it comes to photography.

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